As you all probably have heard, the Heart of Ohio USA Days Association wants to thank the community for the support you have given as we continue to provide a three-day festival for you all. We have promised to have free rides for all this year. Unfortunately, our verbal agreement was not honored by Albanese Amusements when it was set on paper.  He was asking us to pay him $10,000 plus he was to pay us nearly $2000 for his food trailers and the electricity for their RV’s. Then he decided he did not want to pay for those, so we agreed that he did not have to pay that.  So he decided he wanted $15,000 so we grudgingly agreed to that. Then instead of 9 rides he booked another place, so he had only four rides left for us.  He tried to find another carnival to loan him some rides, but they refused. So, then he simply said, “I just don’t want to do it!”  You can imagine our extreme disappointment (and yes, a little anger!) in this matter.  We have reported this to the Ohio Fair and Festival Association. Now we faced a huge dilemma!

Of course, we called many other amusement companies with all of them already booked at this late date.  So, our only alternative was inflatables.  Not as good as rides, perhaps. but we have a lot of fun things with this.  Do not think of inflatables as just bounce houses, there are many other types of attractions for all ages to enjoy.  We have eight attractions, and it will still be free of cost all three days for all! These are also BIG!  We have a 5-in-one Carnival Bounce Slide Combo, a Farm Yard Combo Bounce and Spidey (Spiderman) and his Friends Playground Combo (this has a playground inside. It is BIG!) all suitable for the younger kids. Older kids, teens and adults can enjoy the Star Wars Obstacle Course, Uncle Sam’s slide (21 feet high), the 4 way Tricky Basketball Game, the Human Foosball Game and The Velcro Wall.  This is a wall covered with Velcro and you don an attracting jumpsuit then when you run and bounce up onto the wall you stick!  This one should be fun to watch as well!

We will need volunteers to man the attractions. We have one professional who will set up, relieve volunteers for breaks, etc. The cost is $1600 for him so we could not possibly pay seven others to man the attractions!  This can be high schoolers as well. Nothing can be opened unless it is manned so this is quite important!  If you help us out for a few hours, it would be awesome.  We are a community, and we can do this! Please let us know if you are interested in helping us!  We are also encouraging any local organizations or groups to come up with some carnival type games and have a fundraiser out of it. The more activities we can have, the better!  We are looking into a few other things as well. Email to  The L does not need to be capitalized, that is just to show you it is there as it gets left out sometimes! Facebook messages also work at Candy Hendrickson McCracken.

We understand everyone’s dissatisfaction and no one more than us!  This certainly was not our intention but when you get lemons you make lemonade. This honestly looks like the kids and teens all will enjoy these items and keep them entertained. And we are excited to have something new and different this year and still make it a fun experience for all! Please bear in mind that this was certainly not planned but we invite you to give it a try. Remember, it costs you nothing so come every day!  As always, free admission, free shuttle from high school, free great entertainment, free carnival, and the usual parade, fair food, Diaper Derby, Princess Party, kid’s state sanctioned tractor pull, Cruise-In, over 50 crafters and fireworks!

Come be entertained for free while you fill up on awesome eats, drinks and the sounds of the midway. Look  for the full schedule of bands and entertainment! The Annual Heart of Ohio USA Days has a “new and improved” festival planned this year that truly has something for everyone!  Remember that admission is free as well as  shuttled parking at the high school!


After much consideration the committee for the USA Days festival has decided it cannot make use of the parking area the Oldtime Farming Festival has implemented. There were many factors involved in this. First of all, they would have to pay to have field mowed as well as pay a fee for use of the field. Secondly shuttles would need to be rented or secured as well as tractors to pull them. Then they would need to find drivers for them. Also the new safety regulations would require parking customers to not walk on the roadside but they also are not wanted to walk in the yard of the home that sits there. Finally, the parking area is in a low spot at the bottom of the hill and if it should rain it would be unusable. And the biggest factor is that the committee simply does not have the manpower to handle all of this.

Therefore, as last year, we will continue to have lots of free parking at the Centerburg High School just west of town. Free school bus shuttles will be offered on Friday evening and all day Saturday from after the parade till after the fireworks. The roadside turnaround on 314 will not allow any parking as that will be the pick-up/drop-off point for the buses. This system worked very well last year with no problems, therefore it seemed to be the better option for us to continue for the foreseeable future. Of course, handicapped parking will be available in the park as well as for vendors and entertainers. Anyone who wishes may find alternate parking in town and use the sidewalk or trail to walk to the park from there.

There is motorcycle parking available in the lot near the water tower, right across from the park entrance. Only motorcycles are allowed to use this lot! The opening will not be large enough for cars to use!

Also, FYI,  the big tree in the park blocked fireworks from their new location. At the bottom of the hill they can be viewed fine. Therefore, the grassy area along 314 on the outer side of the driveway will not allow any parking this year. It will be roped off as will the lower hill as the prime seating area for the fireworks display. Make note of that when choosing your spot!